Block ’em

‘I don’t know who needs to hear this but….’ Blocking someone is part of self care. Blocking someone is a part of growing. Yes, blocking someone on social media, on your phone and your LIFE. Go on and say “I don’t wanna block them, I wanna let them see the growth and greatness” <- that is TOXIC and PETTY. You are still making yourself available to these people. You are still consciously telling yourself that they are watching, so you push yourself to “grow” so they see it. You now post photos only smiling, even if it’s fake so they think you are happy and doing better than them. In reality you are doing great for them and not for you. For what? For them to continue talking negative and hate on YOUR true potential to GREATNESS. Just an un-follow isn’t enough.

 Lets overview the reason why we shall block and cut someone off. For starters the thought of cutting someone off comes shortly after a RED flag or after they hurt your feelings and did you wrong. This person either insulted you or brought a bad vibe around you. They tried you! Or they saw you improving, smiling and tried to bring you down. Once this thought of cutting someone off comes to mind, go on and do it! Do not think twice! Your instinct, your conscience, your gut is telling you to let go and you must. Why? Because if you hold on to bad vibes, you will procreate bad vibes and only bad vibes will be in your aura. So to establish a happy, positive life you must surround yourself with those who think the same. You must only show positive posts on your timeline. You do not see business people hang out with others that are lazy. Lets be friends with those who have the same growth mindset and block those that only want to see us fail.

Yes there are some people who feed off your failures, and find excitement in bringing you down. Don’t make yourself available to someone who doesn’t bring you good. Do not let them contact you the second you smile only to bring the worse out of you. You do not owe someone who continuously brings negativity anything! Do not worry about what they will think because some people quickly think you blocked them/cut them off because you are petty. Or you are intimidated by them. Do not allow these trolls to ruin your mental health. 

Prioritize yourself! I use self-care a lot but it’s because if we don’t love ourselves first, if you don’t put yourself first who will? Self-care means the preservation of mental peace. How else would you have complete mental peace if you are constantly looking over your shoulder to see if so and so is watching you still. 

So block the racist that don’t support what you believe in. Block the ex that broke your heart! Block the person who seems to spread fake news about you. Block the person that doesn’t bring good vibes and happiness to your life. At the end of the day, it’s all about moving forward to a better tomorrow. This is your life, you get to control who you want to experience it with.

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A single Mom who has been through a tough journey. Wanting to reassure readers that they are not alone in a world full of pain, but that I can help journey with them to be a better person and find happiness within their selves.

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