Trauma Vs The Brain

When you go through a traumatic event or loss, the brain has a way of just blocking it off. It is the brain’s own way of surviving the trauma. Then you start to have small random memories, you try to put together the pieces which trigger the brain to remember the event. Once these memories are triggered to the brain, the body also starts to feel the pain. You may also experience lack of concentration or attention. This is due to your thinking center being slowly deactivated because of the trauma creating more noise in the fear center of your brain. Or what’s called the amygdala, the fight or flight area of the brain. 

Here’s where it gets confusing, sometimes a breakthrough in our life feels a lot like a breakdown. This is because we don’t recognize the good change, we don’t recognize the progress occuring. You may see it as a red flag and a breakdown. In reality you are remembering, growing and healing from this pain. When you experience a trauma the chemical balance in your brain is thrown off and just becomes accustomed to this new balance. Then when you start to face trauma your brain is confused because now it has to rebalance itself. Which creates anxiety and triggers depression. 

I write all of this because there is a scientific reason as to why you feel certain ways during situations. The same with aromatherapy, certain scents trigger certain emotions. In the process of overcoming anxiety or taking care of your mental health in general we need to find the root of the triggers. What causes these episodes or what is the truth behind the lies we confuse our mind with?

By starters we should make a list of the times we have fallen and why. Make a list of all the times trauma and toxic relationships ruined your happiness. Get to the root of your triggers. Be sure to add a body-based, and mindful-based technique to your daily routine for example, meditation. This starts to deactivate the fear center in the brain, it starts to heal those open wounds and begins strengthening the thinking part and emotion regulating center. A breathing exercise during meditation helps with this as well. Strengthening the emotion regulating center of your brain includes letting go of some annoyances and learning how to manage your emotions. 

Healing takes time, effort and repetition, you are basically restoring the wisdom and strength to your body and mind. Be gentle with yourself and be patient. Write it down all down in a journal and watch how you can actually become in control of your mental health. Watch how you can conquer yesterday.

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A single Mom who has been through a tough journey. Wanting to reassure readers that they are not alone in a world full of pain, but that I can help journey with them to be a better person and find happiness within their selves.

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