Suicide Prevention

It starts with a knife to the inner arm or inner thigh, we don’t wanna die just yet but we wanna feel numb for a second. We want for one second to just focus on the inflicted pain instead of the drama or our mental health status. We want to ignore what others say aboutContinue reading “Suicide Prevention”

Taking Care of Your Spirit Sexually. (II)

Part 2: Cleansing Your Spirit If you see yourself in a constant state of sadness, guilty consciousness, you are bonded to your person in several unhealthy energies. When you then feel the need to leave them or distance yourself, you realize that something doesn’t sit right with your spirit. Why? Because we wouldn’t want toContinue reading “Taking Care of Your Spirit Sexually. (II)”

Taking Care of Your Spirit Sexually (I)

Part 1: Understanding the effect sex has on your spirit. Did you know there is a difference between spirit and soul? The soul is basically your conscious, it is “the animate in life, or the seat of senses, desire, affections, and appetite.” (Compelling Truth, 2020). While the soul is what connects us to God. IfContinue reading “Taking Care of Your Spirit Sexually (I)”

Check Yoself Fool

I hope you enjoy this audio as much as I did . I sometimes get camera shy or use my hands so much to talk and it often distracts the purpose of me saying what I want to be heard. I hope you also evaluate your life accordingly and surround yourself with people who trulyContinue reading “Check Yoself Fool”

Trauma Vs The Brain

When you go through a traumatic event or loss, the brain has a way of just blocking it off. It is the brain’s own way of surviving the trauma. Then you start to have small random memories, you try to put together the pieces which trigger the brain to remember the event. Once these memoriesContinue reading “Trauma Vs The Brain”

Friendships &n Mental Health

Let me start with this…..Not everyone is meant to be your friend. In my teenage years I wanted everyone to like me in order for me to like me. I wanted everyone to be my friend so I can feel accepted, with this I told everyone what they wanted to hear so I was onContinue reading “Friendships &n Mental Health”

Block ’em

‘I don’t know who needs to hear this but….’ Blocking someone is part of self care. Blocking someone is a part of growing. Yes, blocking someone on social media, on your phone and your LIFE. Go on and say “I don’t wanna block them, I wanna let them see the growth and greatness” <- thatContinue reading “Block ’em”

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