21 Day Fast

What encouraged my passion for fasting?

Ironically it was the story of Esther. (Yea i know it is also my middle name, and multiple times I have stated I am the modern day Esther.) When Esther became queen she came up with a plan to save her people, yet she didn’t run to the king to tell him. She fasted for three days and invited her family to do it too. In response the Lord favored her and showed it in her deliverance of her Jewish people.

The act of sacrificing our physical needs and focusing on a spiritual relationship with Christ really encourages us to become hungry for his love and grace. While letting go of what consumes our mind or desires, we trade it for God’s wisdom, favor and intervention in our life.

I rekindled the relationship with Christ during a 21 Day Fast. Each week I surrendered something different, first week was food, second week was social media and the third week was secular music. However, it was accompanied by actually communicating with God. Like constant prayer and meditation in his scriptures. My focus was solely on God and his promises in my life and my brand. This means you can fast for specific confirmation in your life, whether it is your business, lover, school or simply a sign what to do next in life. Give your fasting a purpose and end goal. 

Conquering Yesterday flourished after I left multiple situations that hindered my success and better being. Which led to my fasting being a sacrificial request for his continuance guidance.  So I invite you to try fasting and igniting that relationship with Christ. It will not only strengthen that spiritual relationship but discipline you on resisting temptation. 

Fasting enables you to obtain spiritual guidance, and knowledge. 

The bible multiple times shows us that we should fast in a vulnerable state of mind. Mainly while weeping! When you need God the most, in trials and pain surrender it all to him and fast to be in a more commune. 

Joel 2:12

Yet even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning."

Ezra 8:23

So we fasted and implored our God for this, and he listened to our entreaty.

That should sum up the why and benefits of fasting, let's cover the how?

There are so many ways to reaffirm your faith through fasting. 

The most popular way is refraining from eating food. Now I do not encourage the fasting Jesus did biblically. You know which one I am talking about: the 40 days and 40 nights. NO WAY! But refraining from eating from the wake of day to mid day or right before dinner is a significant fast. It is hard if you are a food addict like me! But it is possible to accomplish. 

You may also give up social media or secular music like I did. Some also give up social gatherings or alcohol. Choosing something can consume your mind and stops you from growing that relationship with God.

If it is food that you chose to fast from please be safe and drink plenty of water. When you break your fast be gentle with your diet and don’t over eat or dangerously eat yourself into getting sick. Whatever you decide on, be sure to be careful when the fast is over, sometimes it is rewarding. For me when I broke my fast from secular music I no longer had the desire to listen to it. I am comfortable with listening to it around non christian friends but I didn’t want to listen to it in my leisure time. 

While fasting be sure to stay in constant prayer and communication with Christ. Talk to him day and night, invite him to your day and your friend group. Don’t be afraid when he reveals who your true friends are and your circle becomes smaller during the process. It is fair to say some people are in your life for a season and after their purpose in your life is fulfilled, it is safe to let them go or love from afar. I say this because during my fast the Lord opened my eyes to so many wrong things that my circle was accustomed to that no longer benefited me or was no longer the level of life I desired. 

Research and read the scriptures. Google different bible verses and read more in the word of what he wants for you. He will lead you to read life lessons and things you need to know. Ask your pastors for assistance or join a group of people who want what you want. This also includes studying who he is and calling him by his name.(i.e. Provider, healer, counselor)

Below are other tips on what to do while fasting:

  • Seek forgiveness during this vulnerable time. Forgive those who hurt you but also ask for forgiveness to those who you may have offended. 
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any unconfessed sins in your life. 
  • Praise him through it all.
  • Avoid distracting environments
  • Put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18)

I pray that this journey is an eye opener to whatever your heart desires, and that the Lord’s will be done in your life. I pray he gives you the spirit of discernment and reveals to you how to better yourself moving forward.

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