Is God even talking to me?

Hey friend, Thank you for opening this blog. I’m sure you questioned how does God talk to me at some point. And if you are like me you are anxious when a prophet comes around because you felt that’s when God will talk to you for sure. Only to leave service discouraged and disappointed that the guest speaker didn’t say anything when he prayed over me. It’s an anger that arises questioning if God even exists. Ever came across a video on your page and thought 'okay if I learn something then I know God talking to me'. Only to say “I already know this”. 

I remember going home crying every time I felt I was getting closer to God and the preacher had a word for someone and it wasn’t me. I believed it was the only way that God spoke to us to be honest. I believed that if the guest speaker or someone who DIDN’T know me shared something the Lord told them, then God was actually hearing my prayers.

Little did I know God spoke to me EVERYDAY. Just as he hears all our prayers!

Fun fact: The enemy can not hear your thoughts! So the most intimate prayers that are said in our minds or silence can only be heard by God only! It’s why it is said the tongue is powerful, because it is words said OUT LOUD! But let us leave that for another blog.

I am here to assure you that God does talk to you, even when you don’t think he hears you because he does not ignore you.

Here are a few ways how:

Let me share the one way I think we all seem to neglect. His word, the bible! The more I read his word the more I can relate to some verses. There are so many parables where Jesus teaches us but there are also so many metaphors that can be applied to today’s day. It also shows us so many of his promises in us. Promises that if we truly become obedient to his word we will see prevail in our lives. 

2 Timothy 3:16 "All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for training and righteousness, so that the man of god may be complete and equip for every good work."

You know that “gut feeling”, “intuition”. Yea sis, that’s not just you but is the Holy Spirit trying to warn you. The “inner knowing” of what to do and what not to say is actually the Lord saying 'hey remember last time', or 'no this is not the way I want you to go.' He has sent the Holy Spirit to help you make those right decisions. You have already learned from past mistakes so when that gut start hurting or you feel a bit queasy, or you see the red flag know that he is trying to talk to you. 

John 14:26 "But the counselor, the Holy Spirit who the father will send in, will teach you and remind you everything I have told you."

When one door closes another one opens. When you wanted to go somewhere or you wanted something to happen and it doesn’t, that door closes for you or a 'road block' has occurred. What is not aligned with the goals and purpose he has for you things are going to stop it from happening. Of course you question your discernment to see if it’s from God. I say that because there are times were you are going the right way and the enemy does send road blocks to distract you or steal that reward from you. So don’t be surprised when you are going through something and all of a sudden a different opportunity comes in, a new devine intervention occurs. It’s God’s way of talking to you.

My favorite way to hear a word from God is through visions and dreams. To say a prayer before bed and plead the lord to speak to me and then I am confronted with a dream of answers. 

The best way to know God is speaking to you is to constantly have that open line of communication with him. Don’t shut him out but instead tell him everything. Give your all to him and see how he will speak to you clearly. See how he will open your eyes and ears to a new “phone line” direct to his phone number. (See what I did there, lol)  I know that was worded different or weird but it’s true the more you give in to his word and ways, the more revelation you will receive of how he does in fact talk to you.

Job 33:14 "For god speaks time and again, put a person may not notice it. In a dream or a vision in the night when deep. Sleep comes when people slumber in the covers."

So don’t be upset or discouraged if the pastor/preacher/guest speaker/Christian friend doesn’t have a word for you from God. Have faith that in all you do God has responded and not left you on read. 

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