Taking Care of Your Spirit Sexually (I)

Part 1: Understanding the effect sex has on your spirit.

Did you know there is a difference between spirit and soul? The soul is basically your conscious, it is “the animate in life, or the seat of senses, desire, affections, and appetite.” (Compelling Truth, 2020). While the soul is what connects us to God. If you aren’t religious - your spirit is what connects you to the ‘energy’ of the world. It is the “essence of a living being”.(Wiki, 2020).

Now that you know the definitions, understand that we commonly lean to sex for pleasure, ignoring the spiritual development. We aim to please our ‘needs’ and ‘desires’, and often with multiple people. Which can eventually become harmful and depressing. This also starts an initiation of a soul tie. See the correlation yet?

Let me simplify it to the best that I can. Sleeping with someone who is toxic, and negative will eventually transfer to your spirit. Causing you to become negative and toxic. Have you ever been romantically involved with someone who is aggressive, and then months after you notice that you showed the same aggressive signs to something that months before were irrelevant? You basically inherently embodied their behavior. 

The objective is to keep your spirit clean, healthy, happy and ultimately at peace. Because your spirit is you!

You psychically are giving yourself to someone for an emotional/inner feeling/spiritual connection. With this said you are playing with your spirit and creating a soul tie. Please know that Soul Ties do not only occur with sex but it can also be created with your children, friends, peers etc.

Try to understand that when you engage in a sexual relationship with someone you two become one. You are giving them a piece of you and they are giving you a piece of them. In fact during sex you release a hormone called Oxycontin, “the bonding hormone”. It produces the feelings of affection and belonging. (The same hormone released when a mother breastfeeds, or when we hug and kiss others) This hormone increases the emotional attachment, and energy transfer. When you break up with them you still have that spiritual bond.

When we hang out with a friend and we sense a negative or positive energy (vibe), it almost immediately affects our vibes. Influencing us to be just a negative or positive. For example, let us say your friend is excited and just joyful or they are heart broken and in despair. We quickly feel just as joyful because the vibe is just that. Or we feel sad too because the energy around isn't cheerful enough to smile. Through all this a deep connection is still being made, and you are creating a relationship or “bond” with this person.

The same happens during sex, their energetic vibes during intimacy entwines yours. Essentially creating a soul tie. Having multiple connections with people your spirit, in other words your aura becomes confused. Because it begins holding on to multiple energies, and characteristic behaviors.

When your partner is loving, affectionate, caring and happy. You absorb those energies, allowing you to also be just as loving and happy. During your climax of sex the body leaves an emotional imprint of sexual addiction. Wanting you to be intimate with them more than once. This affects your spirit to receive these energies multiple times.  When you have multiple partners, sleep with someone whose energy isn’t equal to yours, you create a flurry of mixed emotional signals that imbalances your spirit. This imbalance eventually leads to physical sickness and emotional damage.

I am not saying to go force your partner to change so your spirit can be happier, because it is your spirit. And if you haven’t cleansed your spirit you may still have energy from a past partner.

When your soul tie started off negative, meaning you were entwined with a toxic abusive person or someone negative you may notice the following about yourself. You become depressed and angry more often. What used to sound fun now sounds dangerous or boring. You have become a spiritual sponge to their energies so any negative actions you may have noticed from them may start to appear in your actions as well. Without them near you may feel un-whole. You may feel scared and alone or as if your life just isn't complete with them. That last fact happens even with someone positive and fulfilling in your life. To know the difference ask yourself if this person if they refuel or heal your spirit? Do they bring happiness or drain your happiness?

Check out part 2 to find ways to clean your spirit.

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