Taking Care of Your Spirit Sexually. (II)

Part 2: Cleansing Your Spirit

If you see yourself in a constant state of sadness, guilty consciousness, you are bonded to your person in several unhealthy energies. When you then feel the need to leave them or distance yourself, you realize that something doesn’t sit right with your spirit. Why? Because we wouldn’t want to let go of something that brings us happiness and peace. 

Cleansing your spirit can be an emotional journey. You are in fact releasing all bad vibes and practicing self care. It is basically like finding yourself all over again.

Some believe that aromatherapy helps calm your senses, the same therapy happens with Epsom salt. I personally have never tried it but it is believed that adding this salt to a bath water enhances energy flow and draws out minor psychic debris from your aura. I do personally add lavender oil, or peppermint bath bubbles to my bath water which helps me realign my focus and meditate. I actually think this does release the negative energy to invite the positive, mind calm vibes.

Which brings me to my next tip, meditating helps channel your inner self. This can manifest your true identity and let go of all that wasn’t you or positive in your energy. 

Prayer is a big help, go on and connect yourself with God and allow him to cleanse you. Let him heal your pain and your energy. Tell him your personal convictions, and allow him to cleanse your spirit!

I have learned that people use sage, and incense to clean the air and clear the energy. Cleaning your outer aura, inhaling those herbs can clean your inner self.

Most importantly practice self care, go back and read my post on self care to start this journey of being a better you. 

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