100 Day Self Love Challenge

Mental Health Matters! Loving yourself and being in tune with who you are is important. 

Enjoy a list of 100 days to get to know yourself better. To fall in love with you and learn new things about yourself. 

Day 1: Have lunch or coffee alone.

Day2. Spend the day in nature to energize

Day 3: Relax with a full-length spa routine

Day 4: Get off social Media for the day

Day 5: Declutter your room or closet

Day 6: Take the time to cook a healthy dinner

Day 7: Do something fun and creative!

Day 8: Write a poem about yourself

Day 9: Meditate near a great view

Day 10: Plan a lunch date with a friend

Day 11: Buy yourself a gift

Day 12: Read a good book

Day 13 Write your financial goals and review your budgets

Day 14: Go out for a two mile jog.

Day 15: Put up post- it notes with affirmations on your mirror.

Day 16: Write a journal about your favorite memory.

Day 17: Meditate with some aromatherapy. 

Day 18: Get in a good yoga or stretch in with some soft music in the background

Day 19: Enjoy some sweets. Do an ice cream run or take a trip to the bakery.

Day 20: Dance with loud music. Allow all negative energy to be released.

Day 21: Take a trip to a new city or new part of town. Explore!

Day 22: Break your routine today. Take a different route to work, switch up the routine.

Day 23: Add one minute affirmation to your mornings

Day 24: Find a intense workout routine. Happy health, Happy Brain. 

Day 25: Write a bucket list. Don't sell yourself short. 

Day 26: Do something you enjoyed doing when you were younger. (Yes get on a trampoline if you must)

Day 27: Turn off notifications on your phone today. 

Day 28: Listen to a New podcast.

Day 29: Listen to a focus playlist.

Day 30: Head to bed early

Day 31: Take deep breaths.

Day 32: Forgive yourself today. Take time to sit in your thoughts and forgive yourself.

Day 33: Say goodbye to those who do you no good. It's time to let go.

Day 34: Try new food 

Day 35: Watch a interesting movie.

Day 36: Take your kids out for some fun. Or take out a friend for some fun.

Day 37: Try out a brain puzzle.

Day 38: Write a letter to your younger self. 

Day 39: Write a love letter to yourself.

Day 40: Smile to 5 people today

Day 41: Spend 10-15 minutes in the sun and recharge.

Day 42: Tidy up your home

Day 43: Do some volunteer work in a new environment.

Day 44: Learn a new instrument.

Day 45: Replace a bad habit with a good one.

Day 46: Give more hugs

Day 47: Bubble bath with some calming music and scents.

Day 48: Write down 10 things you are proud of

Day 49: Make a new home made meal.

Day 50: Reflect on your day, what went well? what could have gone better?

Day 51: Call a old dear friend and catch up

Day 52: Do some crafting

Day 53: Fall asleep to some meditation music

Day 54: Write down some manifestation

Day 55: Wear your best outfit today

Day 56: Create a vision board or collage.

Day 57: Go pamper yourself with a manicure

Day 58: Plant a plant

Day 59: Watch a ted talk

Day 60: Talk your concerns and worries with a friend.

Day 61: Climb a tree

Day 62: Cloud watch for at least 15 mins

Day 63: Cry your heart out and scream into a pillow

Day 64: try a new coffee blend.

Day 65: create a mantra for yourself

Day 66: Un-suscribe the annoying email listings

Day 67: Pay for a strangers coffee or meal

Day 68: Drink just water today

Day 69: Try a new fruit

Day 70: Book a date night

Day 71: Unfollow, Unfriend the negative people on social media.

Day 72: Post a picture that makes you feel good

Day 73: Do some salutations in the sunlight

Day 74: Watch the sunset

Day 75: Make a concious effort to be more positive

Day 76: Watch the Sunrise

Day 77: switch up your hair style

Day 78: Fill in a coloring book

Day 79: Bake your favorite cookies

Day 80: Reflect what does your support system look like? How can you make it stronger?

Day 81: Journal what parts of you are you ashamed of? How you can you over come it?

Day 82: Set up boundaries for future relationships and friendships.

Day 83: Go to a stand up comedy show

Day 84: Surround yourself with positive people

Day 85: Fix your calendar to do things that make you happy.

Day 86: Compliment someone today

Day 87: Spoil yourself today

Day 88: Go for a job before you start your day to clear your mind

Day 89: Spend as much time of your phone as you can

Day 90: Stop comparing yourself to others

Day 91: Dedicate yourself to quit the negative self talk

Day 92: Practice 10 mins of yoga

Day 93: Live in the moment

Day 94: Create a morning routine 

Day 95: Become aware of your thoughts

Day 96: Try something that'll make you feel confident on the outside

Day 97: Say what you mean with kindness.

Day 98: Call out of work, sleep in, have a lazy day

Day 99: Journal and reflect on your journey

Day 100: Smile! you did it!

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