Get Yourself Together

A part of conquering yesterday is to get yourself together! Not just gathering your thoughts and emotions but creating a routine to create balance. Maintaining structure helps take control over stress, and negative vibes. It doesn’t help that COVID came and ruined most of our work schedules. But even then we must start over and create new routines. 

It not only gives you an outline for health but it allows you to connect with your intuition so you know what you need in each moment and not just what your phone’s calendar says to do. Or the positive apps we have downloaded. The goal now is to become in sync with nature's clock and the cycles that it has. The lack of routines has created an imbalance and those of us (myself included) who experience anxiety, insomnia, and indigestion, keep reading.

If you are confused what imbalances I am talking about, or what causes them, let me explain. One example is the feeling that something isn’t right. Do you feel you are doing all the right things to stay healthy, but still feel unwell? Is your energy consistently low, or does it change in significant ways? Do you have a hard time remembering things? Does your skin feel dry and have blemishes despite the lotions you use? Are you missing out on the things in life that feed your soul?

If you answered yes, then you need a change. I am saying you need to evaluate and agree that things need to be different. We use the excuse that it's life and we are just growing older but thats a lie. I mean yes we grow in age but most of the time it’s because we don't stop to rest or have a mental breakdown and things add up, causing such imbalance in our day. Imbalances are created over time, and change too doesn’t happen overnight. Which means that when you start a change be sure not to only document but look for indicators of a need for better health. A self care handbook says “ Your digestion, sleep, vibrancy of your skin, physical energy and mental energy are the first things to observe on your quest to feel your best.” 

Okay I am sure by now you get that imbalances are real but still wonder how to tie it to nature. Mother Nature or the cycle of life or how the earth rotates, organizes patterns to change the seasons, days and provides food and medicine. Our body has its own pattern for healing,  sleeping and critical thinking. How does it tie together? Well, we sleep (the majority of time) when its dark out right? When mother nature tells us it's night time. We wake up when mother nature brings out the sun. In conclusion we need to fix our routine to be in sync with mother natures so that our days become easier and less stressful. So lets get ourselves together:

6 am- 10 am is considered the most grounded time of day. It’s when we have the most natural energy. Let’s participate in physical movement, manual labor or person hygiene. For example, journaling, reading, cleaning or exercise. The later you wait to do this, the more tired and loopy you feel, you have accumulated heavy energy.

10 am- 2pm: we are the most awake and most focused. Be sure to eat your biggest meal. During this time you work, study or organize. Don’t overwork yourself, it can create an imbalance and burnout. 

2pm-6pm is when we most alert and our body’s most creative time. Take this time to fill out your calendar, create layout for work, do homework or get creative work done. Make sure to erase moments that will create over work, because it may hurt concentration. If you feel like you need coffee or sugar, do not give in. instead meditate, take a break or nap. Try breathing exercises.

6pm-10pm are considered rest hours; family time. It is also dinner time, be sure to include your veggies (lol) and vitamins. Avoid heavy activity after 8 pm, and avoid the use of your phone once it gets dark out because it emits a blue lie. This light tricks your mind into thinking it's daytime. Take this time to pamper yourself, meditate and practice self care. Maybe even take a long bath-side note: check out my bath bags that are made just for this. A soothing, restful bath with natural herbs that have its own purpose, oatmeal and scented epsom salt. 

10 pm -2am: Sleep = body detox. Revitalizing skin, blood cleansing and mental restoration occurs at this time. You may feel like working or being a night owl but even if you aren’t tired, play some music and let your body rejuvenate.

2am-6am is normally when dreams happen, and your mind is most active. If you are awake during this time, I highly suggest meditating! Empty your bladder and start your hygiene routine. 

You can now see that each time of day has its own purpose. Create a schedule to work with those patterns and note changes in health, stress, and mental clarity.

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