Self Care = Self Love

It is important to think of yourself when you want to be a better you of course. Make yourself feel good not only on the inside but the outside. Believe it or not your self-esteem begins with how you treat yourself. Set the aroma and base of your journey on a fabulous positive note.

“Self care is how you take your power back” - LaLah Deila 

Wanting to get out of bed is hard some days, it's as if the comforter protects us from the world and the four walls we seclude ourselves in, becomes a shield. We dress how we feel with no care how anyone thinks. We would rather sleep in late to avoid what disaster the day may bring or not sleep at all attempting to put together a  ‘what if’ puzzle. We eat whenever we want and whatever we want because the energy to wake up tomorrow or go for a run just isn’t worth it. Other times we use the excuse of helping a friend with their life problems or life chores, just to not face the beast our life fights. Am I right? It sucks! And yet we want all of our problems to go away, we want to be happy and be a better person than the day before, let's get to it then!

For starters set an alarm! No, that doesn’t mean wake up at 5:30 a.m. and just open the blinds like a dramatic movie scene, but set a decent time to adjust your body to NOT sleep in. Set multiple alarms, you’ll get so annoyed you have no choice but to get up ! Your body will prepare itself for the day at a realistic time and you will feel less tired throughout the day !

Let's try a face mask, or even a massage? The moment you apply the face mask and it either hardens or becomes so gooey you do not want to move, you are taking a break, you are putting your life on pause. Add some aromatherapy to your break and just relax. Jump in a warm bath and drink some wine/tea/coffee or something to help soothe your mind. Focus on breathing deeply a couple times and silence your mind. Our brain is so full of anxious thoughts and negative vibes that it overwhelms our thoughts and positive energy. Once you wipe the mask off and resume your day, you’ll already have a more relaxed mind and spirit, as well as healthier skin!

Indulge in a healthy snack or an exercise my friend! Add some fuel to your body with some bananas and peanut butter. Or maybe you're a hummus and veggie person; I personally like greek yogurt with strawberries. YUM! Now I am NOT saying to add a salad to every meal, count calories or have a full workout but a change in eating habits and a good jog goes a long way. Remember we are trying to better ourselves and that includes our body. Certain food brings energy and happiness to our tummies to carry on the day. This also attacks the negative ‘I am overweight, or under weight’ thoughts! Help your body FEEL better to help yourself be better! Rather than being locked in four walls, go outside and catch some Vitamin D from the sun.

Expand your mind and read a book. No need to buy a book with a thousand chapters but something intriguing enough to derange negative vibes from taking over. Perhaps a romance or a how to book, a sci fi book or a ‘based on a true story’ novel. Trade in a scroll through Facebook with a joyful, uplifting book. Or try a podcast, there are a lot of audios to help open your mind to other things then the usual self doubt lyrics that we hear on the radio.

Another good exercise is to write in a journal. Release all the jumbled thoughts and the overwhelming feelings on paper. Express yourself how you feel, why you feel that way, what you can do to prevent yourself from feeling like that tomorrow. Gossip to yourself about your day and who did what, add a couple jokes to lighten your mood. And include a personal reminder or famous quote, so when you look back at it you can see how far you have come to better yourself. 

My favorite self care technique is a vacation, or an adventure. Often I go just to the next city and the 5 hour drive helps take a break from the normal block I’m used to seeing. Getting away from all the mess for a while helps ease your mind. And hey if your budget says no to a vacation then just a drive down the shore or to a near by good view can also do the trick put your phone on DND and enjoy YOU! Do whatever brings you happiness and make no apology for it.

Lastly, Orgasm. This part is not PG-13 ! But sometimes having a real good orgasm releases toxins that have been built up over time. If you don’t have a lover, use a toy! Explore your body and it’s weaknesses, find out where you get excited and what irritates your pleasure.

All in all, liberate the anger and self doubt, manifest greatness to yourself and let your mind focus on yourself. 

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