The Secret To The Cliche Quote: Growing Through What You Go Through

The question I ask myself all the time is “Why?”, I question, why is it me who is going through it. Why did I have to experience this hardship at this moment? Such a ironic or cliche or always said quote “Go through what you grow through”

Though not every situation brings reason and leaves us clueless. We should take it as an opportunity for growth. I know it’s hard to believe when you just experienced death or sickness. 

Understand that if an event occurs with more than one party the reason the growth may not necessarily be for you. Stop throwing yourself a pity party and understand that not everything is about you. You may experience a situation with someone else because they need to grow through it and you simply are their support system. That in itself is a growing mindset. The fact that you can learn that this person is experiencing this and you need to be their strength. Just as someone being there for you to help you grow in the experience. 

The statement “Growing through what you go through” also means that you aren’t allowing these life endured circumstances to stop you from being great. You aren’t allowing disappointment and life struggles define your future. Merely see it as a transition in life and the answer to growing through what we go through is to shift your perspective.

That's it ! That’s the secret password into how to grow what you go through. Shift your perspective! People fail to grow in general because they fail to look at things differently. In anything you do, you can not expect exceeding results if something does not change. It will all stay the same, the same dark hole you feel yourself in. The same anguish and disappointment you live in.

More importantly, shift your perspective to know that God has a greater purpose for you even when the situation is at its worst.

My pastor preached a sermon about trusting that God has a purpose in you even in the darkest time. Such a great word shedding light on how time and time again God shows up for you and you need to evaluate where in your life you lack his presence.  Click Here To See It. 

Remember in the bible when David went to the lion's den, yet he walked out alive. Or when Daniel went into the fire and by God's glory him and 4 others walked out alive. What about Moses freeing the Israelites? A trip that was supposed to take 2 weeks actually took 40 years, due to the rebellion and unfortunate events, even then God provided food and protection.

No matter the situation, know that God is there for you. Instead of asking “Why would God allow me to go through this?” with such despair, as it with curiosity to find out the growth in the process. What can you grasp from this moment and how can it help your future or the future of others? How can you prevent it from occurring again, most importantly, what attribute is Christ molding in you during this moment?

 “Our darkest storms and most painful mistakes can turn into our greatest victories.” - Beth Elkassih

My Prayer For You:

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that anyone reading this blog will change their mindset into a growth mindset. That their heart may not grow weary when they do not find the answers their heart desires.  I pray that you protect their minds and their hearts. That they may open their hearts to change and their minds to wisdom. That no matter their circumstance, they may lean on you for peace and joy. I pray that you may bless my reader abundantly and reveal to them the treasures you have for their life. Thank you, for everything you have done and will do! In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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