Journal Prompt Ideas

~ What does the happiest version of you look like?
—-At what moment in life are you the happiest? What needs to change for you to constantly be in that version?

~Write a letter to your anxious thoughts.
—-Control your thoughts and calm them down. What would you say? What else would you add that you can remember, so the next time you become anxious you can control the situation. Analyze any previous anxiety attacks and see what could be different.

~How do you know when to let go?
—-What are you holding on to that prevents you to prosper? What would you advise someone when it’s time to let go. Have you recently let go of something you thought was precious? Was it hard?

~Write down your top 5 inspirational quotes.
—-Make sure to highlight and doodle this page. So when you feel low, you can easily find it. Write it as a caption and or several times throughout your journal. If you want, write down why they are inspirational. Or when did it become an inspirational quote to you.

~ What changes am I currently resisting?
—-What aren’t you able to face right now? Why not? &n What do you think will help with facing change.

~Write a letter to your old self giving advice.
—-What would your younger self say about your new self? What would you go back and do different? What did you learn that you wish the old you knew?

~What Key ways can I show myself love?
—-Do you celebrate how proud you are of your accomplishments? Do you have any self doubts of yourself? How can you achieve self love?

~Write a letter to someone you resent.
—-Write down every detail as to way you can’t forgive them. Then write down what needs to happen for you to even begin forgiving them. Make sure to write it as if you would mail it. But of course you won’t. This is your personal journal, so be as honest as possible.

~ Write 10 affirmations you can recite and remember.
—-It is important to affirm yourself daily and boost your confidence.

~How can you make sure to fill your cup up before giving yourself to others?
—-Before you help other people and become available to their emotions or problems….are you being available to yourself? Write down how you are taking care of yourself.

~What are your short term goals?
—-It is essential to think ahead towards the goals you want to accomplish. But what goals need to be accomplished before you complete the bigger ones?

~Are you holding any grudges? How can yogurt past them?
—-It’s okay to be mad. But that anger sometimes hinders us from moving forward. what are things that are currently angering you enough to stop you from moving forward.

~ Write 10 self care ideas to try.
—-You come first. What are some ideas you wanna try out or spoil yourself with.

~Write new books or movies you would like to read/see.
—-Distract your nervous mind with new books or movies. Write a list of a must read/ must see to remember.

~What was the hardest thing to overcome this year?
—-Reflect on your year and how hard it was to go through things, better yet how amazing it is to get through them. How did that happen?

~How can you describe the type of person you were this past year?
—How did you change this past year? are you proud of it the changes you have made?